Love Me Love Me Not : Eugene Byrd III

It’s always a pleasure capturing the exhibitions of @byrdeyeviews The transformation of a space brings you into a different world and feel. Looking at art is one thing but being immersed in the atmosphere takes the appreciation to another level. Especially when it resonates with different elements we have experienced our whole life and can relate to growing up.

It was funny watching some people laughing at the pieces because they knew what it meant then watching others have such a serious confused look on their face, lost in the sauce.

A daughter said to her mother… ma we have all those products in our house what does that mean?

Seeing people come back into the space multiple times to just be… felt like they knew this was the one for them, for us.

It feels good to be seen.

I’ll be real, recording people with mask on and not being able to see em smile was awkward. I had to remember what some of yall looked like smiling. Hoping my enthusiasm made it pass ya mask looking for cheeks to rise and eyes to squint with a smile. I’ve been reading eyes and body language for a minute so that part isn’t unfamiliar but still I can’t wait till this phase of life becomes history. Either way I appreciate the vibes and the familiar feeling of people peopling.

Shoutout to @realplantsy for setting up the greenery and elevating the space with life as well as @kayashoots for providing the perfect chair! It all came together just right as it always does!

@byrdeyeviews x @futuredeadartists


Understanding Seasonal Day Length Changes for Crop Planning

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Black Thought – Thought vs Everybody

“Thought vs Everybody” — The Visual Reckoning A Short Film directed by Rodney Passé From the forthcoming Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cane and Able from Black Thought and Sean C. Special thanks to Kings Theater in Brooklyn New York.

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Growing Ginger 101

Ginger root is an incredible addition to almost all styles of cuisine, and it’s surprisingly easy to grow. There are a few different methods you can use, all of which work well. Some people just cut pieces of ginger, making sure a few eyes are on each piece and plant directly. In this video, we are going to be growing ginger from the store by starting it off in bowls of water. Once new shoots and roots start developing from the growth nodes, we can either plant them directly in the soil, or snap them off and plant those pieces directly into the soil. Growing ginger in containers is easy, too – it loves a nutrient-rich, moist soil and plenty of sun. So long as you give it those two things, it’ll grow vigorously and will be ready to harvest about ~4 months from planting. In a perfect world, you’d plant ginger in the spring for a fall harvest, but depending on your climate you can get away with either a shorter or longer growing season. LEARN MORE Epic Gardening is much more than a YouTube channel. I have a website with 300+ gardening tutorials as well as a podcast where I release daily gardening tips in five minutes or less. There’s also a Facebook group with over 1,500 other gardeners sharing their tips. → Website: → Podcast: → FB Group:… DONATE If you like my videos, articles, or podcast episodes, please consider supporting on Patreon. For rewards, I’ll answer gardening questions and make videos! → SOCIAL MEDIA → Steemit: → Instagram: → Pinterest: → Facebook: → Twitter:

How To Grow Potatoes

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