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Crystal Select – Vesuvianite

Vesuvianite has a strong vibration that will assist you to follow your hearts desire. It was named for deposits found at the volcano on Mt Vesuvius but is also called Idocrase.

It has strong metaphysical properties, that help you to embrace the desires of the higher self and the true yearnings of the heart.

Idocrase or Vesuvianite with both purple and green in

It is a zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius and Capricorn, and is often found in jewelry as it makes beautiful birthstone jewelry.

Its action helps you to override the energy of the ego, and its vibration is a strong aid for spiritual growth, and forward movement in your life.

Where Is It From? Idocrase & Vesuvianite Meaning

The original meaning of the name Idocrase relates to the classical Greek word ‘Eidos’.  The meaning of the name of Vesuvianite stone is relates to the location where it was found on Mount Vesuvius in Italy.  

It is also found in Quebec, Canada and various locations in the USA, including Vermont and Maine. It is also called Idocrase, depending on where it is sold, and both names are acceptable.

In the jewelry trade it may be sold more often as Idocrase.

It may be white, pale blue, purple, red, yellow, brown, yellowish-green or green. Some stones may have purple colors within the same stone.

If you are looking for the answer to what Vesuvainite is, the mineral make-up of this stone is hydrated silica.

These green stones natural growth may be in a massive, compact form, or in short prismatic or pyramidal crystals, which make lovely crystal jewelry.

I have also been told that some places are selling a similar stone as Vasanite or Vessonite, and while it may be the same stone I am not sure if this is the case.

Why Would You Use It?

This is a lovely stone that will work within all chakras, and while its vibration is positive for all chakras, some colors resonate more strongly within particular chakras.

Although the actual result may depend on its color, the deep green stones carry the vibration of the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, as do the lighter green Vesuvianite stones.

Vesuvianite Or Idocrase Crystal Cluster

The light green stones will vibrate within both of the heart chakras, and within the solar plexus chakra.

This stones specific energy is powerful to unite these chakras, and will aid you to follow your hearts desire.

Much of the time the ego controls your will, and this energy dominates much of your life, and you may feel restricted and are unable to follow your true path.

The solar plexus holds the energy of the will, and this light green stone will free your will, and allow you to unite the energy of the heart with the will, and follow your true calling.

The courage to allow your heart to rule your life, is enabled by the vibration of the yellow-green Idocrase stones.

Release Fear And Old Patterns…

Idocrase aids you to release fear and any old patterns, including past life issues affecting your current life, that you may be holding in your sub-conscious.

By releasing this energy, you may be enabled to move forward with your spiritual growth, as well as being able to make changes within other areas of your life.

This movement forward in your life may help you to eliminate depression. Using this stone will help you to move in a new direction spiritually. 

This may aid your overall spirituality and health. It furnishes a connection to the higher self, and this may aid you to access knowledge on your souls present incarnation. 

It may aid you to become aware of past life situations that may be affecting your life.Search Results from Amazon

How To Use It

Meditation with this stone is extremely helpful, and you may engage your Higher self in the process.

If you want to make major changes, if your heart is being tugged to take your life in a new direction, meditate with this stone.

Via its energy in the sacral chakra area, it will assist you to take notice of your feelings, and has the potential to increase the development of clairsentience.

One of the best Vesuvianite uses is to start meditating with it. This may be helpful to give you guidance if you are stuck in your job and are unsure which way to go.

Ancient Koh Ker Pyramid reveals Advanced Technology?

Hey guys, today we are going to investigate an ancient lingam which is 30 feet tall, yes Three Zero (30) feet tall and is made of transparent crystal. And this lingam is not new, it was created more than a thousand years ago, by Ancient Hindus and placed inside a temple, in the middle of a jungle in Cambodia. And this is the Hindu temple which has that crystal lingam. At first glance, I am surprised because it does not look like a Hindu temple at all, it is eerily similar to the Mayan Pyramids, but archeologists confirm that this is a Hindu temple which was dedicated to Lord Shiva. Archeologists have also found inscriptions which talk about a Massive Lingam placed here. Normally, I would admire the structure and analyze the size and shape of the Pyramid, but I am cannot wait to see the Crystal Lingam. I realize that the original stairs are completely ruined now and have become unusable, but I think there should be more set of stairs on the other side’s as well. But when I began walking around the Pyramid, I realize I am wrong, the original stairs were built only on one side of the Pyramid, and there are no stairs on the other sides, they are all made of solid stone walls. At the back of the Pyramid, I see a strange ritual being performed. There is a small temple here, Perhaps the lingam is at this place, but when I reach there, I am surprised to see Cambodians worshipping the statue of an Elephant. I ask them where I can see the giant lingam, Cambodians do not speak much English, but they point to the top of the Pyramid. I find modern wooden stairs which go up the Pyramid, so I begin climbing it. A 30 feet tall lingam made of crystal, installed at the top of an ancient Pyramid ? This would be a spectacular sight to see. The stones of the Pyramid are calling me, they were cut and installed here more than a thousand years ago, but my goal is to lay my eyes on the Giant Crystal lingam. I finally reach the top, and I am deeply disappointed, because the crystal lingam is not visible, but I see a destroyed temple structure with giant broken carvings. There is just an empty chamber with wooden barriers protecting it. However, something tells me to climb up on these broken stone blocks. This is risky, but I feel like I may find something in this area. And then I find something truly extraordinary. A hole, circular hole, situated exactly in the middle of the Pyramid. Look at the giant walls built all around it, and the remnants of a square base, there was definitely a giant cylindrical lingam placed in this hole. This is not a theory, Archeologists and Historians confirm that a massive lingam was once installed here, and no one knows how it mysteriously vanished. The Cambodian Government has strictly prohibited anyone from getting any closer, But I need to take a closer look at the hole itself, so I take my zoom lens and climb up to find a vantage point. From some angles, it looks like a shallow hole with only a few feet depth. I try to see it from a different angle, and I could see that the hole was deeper. But when I tried to look at the hole almost from straight up, Look at these pictures I shot, this is not just a hole, this is a deep hole, clearly laid with neatly cut stones which, I mean we cannot even see the end of the hole. How deep is this hole? Is it possible that this hole goes all the way to the bottom of the Pyramid? Egyptian pyramids like the Great Pyramid of Giza have elaborate secret chambers inside the Pyramid. Does this Pyramid also have chambers inside? In ancient Hindu temples, people still worship Crystal Lingams, these are called Spatika Lingams. I have seen some big Crystal Lingams, but certainly a 30 feet tall transparent lingam would have been one of a kind, making it the largest crystal lingam in the world. Look at the positioning of the original ancient stairs: 1000 years ago, worshippers would have climbed this pyramid using these stairs and reached the top to see this giant lingam. They would have only seen 15 feet of this lingam, because the rest of it, another 15 feet would go under the floor level. Archeologists do confirm that there was once a 15 feet tall lingam here, because there are inscriptions found in this area which confirm this and remember, I have already shown you that Lingams are not just the visible part we see above the floor level, it is at least twice the size because half of the cylinder is buried underneath. And look at this hole, there should be absolutely no doubt that it goes at least 15 feet deep.

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Camp and Dig Crystals for Free Near Atlanta

(TMU) — Gem and crystal collectors love nothing more than mining for their own treasures and North America has plenty of public mines to go digging. If you’re planning a trip to the South Carolina area, or just passing through, consider adding an extra day or two to your trip, if time permits, for a mining adventure that might have you heading home with some stunning gems and crystals.

The Diamond Hill Mine in Abbeville is one of South Carolina’s primary crystal mines with six acres of land open to the public to dig for crystals. Just about a two and a half hour drive from Atlanta, and you can even camp overnight for free.

The Appalachian Mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world.

Over millions of years, erosion to the southern part of the range exposed an area of about three acres which contained the biggest variety of quartz crystals in the world, called Diamond Hill. Some of the best Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quarts, Skeletal (Elestial), Angle Plated, Iron and Manganese Oxide coated, Aura, and other crystals as well as minerals such as Beryl, Garnet, and Epidote have been found there.

The public digging site is open every day of the year and visitors pay just $20 to dig for a full day (from 9 am until sunset) and whatever is found is yours to keep! Everything on the digging site came from the mine with nothing added. To make your trip worthwhile, you’ll need to take your own supplies such as food, water, and tools like a shovel, a rake, a long screwdriver, a rock hammer, a sledgehammer, a pick, strong durable gloves, and containers to put your treasures in.

You don’t need to make a booking for a day’s dig, just sign-in between 9am and 2pm. However you will need to call or email ahead of time if you’d like to stay overnight. There are several spots available to set up camp and hook-ups for RV’s are available at no additional charge.

Once the bug has bitten, you may want to explore other areas for treasures. Bear in mind that many of these areas are off the beaten track and you’ll need supplies to last the duration of your stay.

Here’s a few destinations to wet your appetite:

The Emerald Hollow Mine located in Hiddenite, North Carolina is the only public prospecting destination for emeralds in the United States. The area is often referred to as one of the most unique geological locations in North America. There’s no need to go digging for gems at the Emerald Hollow Mine, instead, you pick up your bucket from one of three sluiceways that comes directly from Hiddenite’s emerald mine. Your bucket might contain emeralds as well as amethyst, topaz, and aquamarine gems.

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Crystal Caves in Naica Mine : Mexico

This crystal cave is revealed unintentionally, and it is big enough to drive a car inside. The cave located at the Naica Mine in the Mexican state is called Chihuahua. This country is well known for its extraordinary and unique crystals. Mostly, people can find zinc and silver mines, which are operated by the Industrias Penoles, the largest lead producer in Mexico.

The formation of the crystals

The main reason for their creation is the fact that Naica is on an ancient fault. The place is an underground magma chamber, right below the cave. Well, now, the magma heated the water in the ground and created minerals. It creates a large amount of gypsum. The space of the cave is filled with hot water, which is very filthy rich with minerals, and stayed there for 500,000 years. During this time, the temperature of that hot water was the same, and that is 50 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect environment for the formation of the crystals, and they grow into immense sizes.

How did they grow in that big?

In the journal ‘Geology,’ Garcia-Ruiz claims that for such a long time, the crystals thrived in their cave, and it is a rare case. Also, it is extraordinary because the natural environment was stable for such a long time. When the temperature remained the same, which means that the crystals had the perfect conditions for growth, they were growing bigger.

Nowadays, the mining operations are pumping the water out of the ten by thirty meters cave. Now, the mining company received advice by Garcia-Ruiz, to preserve the caves.

Exploration and scientific studies

Paolo Forti led a scientific team to explore the cave in detail, back in 2006. Paolo Forty is a specialist in cave minerals and also a crystallographer at the University of Bologna, Italy. To survive underground in the cave, under such conditions and that high temperature, the scientists invented their refrigerated suits and cold systems for breathing. The suit is called Tolomea suit, and the breathing system was called Sinusit respirator.

The caving overalls fitted with a mattress of refrigerating tubes, placed throughout their bodies, and linked with a backpack that was heavy around twenty kg. The bag was filled with a reservoir of cold water and ice. The cooling process will melt the ice, and that was enough to provide the body half an hour of anatomy.

In the survey, besides the mineralogical and crystallographic researches, there were also studies for biochemical and microbial features of the giant gypsum crystals.
Stein-Erik Lauritzen, employed at the University of Bergen, Norway, did the uranium-thorium survey so that he can find out the maximum age of there crystals. His results showed 500,000 years.

Penelope Boston is part of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and an expert for caves and geomicrobiologist. She finds out that sterile sampling of the crystal gypsum drillcores by creating small boreholes in the big crystals during aseptic conditions. Her goal was to reveal the possible presence of some ancient bacteria that survived in the fluid. The solid inclusions indicated the presence of the calcium sulfate. They consisted of magnesium and iron oxy-hydroxide, and there was nothing organic. The experts couldn’t take DNA from the ancient bacteria from the solid inclusions to amplify by PCR.

Besides these experts, there were many other researchers. They covered the area of palynology-pollen study, geochemistry, and other conditions that are characteristic for this place, the cave of crystals.

People discovered the crystals of selenite (gypsum), and it is big four feet, or 1.2 meters in diameter and fifty feet long, or fifteen meters.

Selenite is named after the goddess of the moon, Selene. Its moonlight-like reflections has a heavenly light that carries complete positivity and purity with a flowing fluid energy. It embodies tranquility, blessing, love and light. Its vibrations are spiritual in nature and connects you to the angelic realm for angelic guidance and provide soul connection, the highest self-illumination, and stimulates the clearest state of mind. Selenite is perfect to help you quiet the mind and achieve mental clarity. It can also help clear the negative baggage in your system to give you the energy you need so your true light can shine.

Our Selenite Purity Stone can completely purify the chakras and activates the Crown Chakra and Etheric Chakras that links to the spirit that helps you to better attune you to higher enlightened things of the universe. Its fine linear striations serve as a pathway for the spirit and is said to carry the history of the world that helps you to connect with ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Crystal Skull Bridge & Strange Lingams in River – Kbal Spean, Cambodia

Hey guys, today we are at a very special place called Kbal Spean in Cambodia. As you can tell, this is a very remote place, but there are some very interesting Hindu artifacts found underwater. We are in the deepest part of the jungles of Cambodia. But there are remnants which are more than 900 years old in this area, and they are found underwater, so we are going to try and find them today. So, let’s go. I had previously shown you underwater lingams at a place called Phnom Kulen, this place is about 40 kilometers from there. I am trying to decode the meaning of these underwater lingams and why ancient builders made carvings on the river beds in these remote mountains. I find it very intriguing that there are 2 sites which have ancient underwater carvings side by side. What could be the meaning of this? I have been walking for more than 45 minutes now, I have been walking uphill. You can see how dark this entire area is, well, it is 2 o clock in the afternoon. There is bright sunlight, but with all these trees, you can see that even sunlight cannot pass through, because we are in the middle of a jungle. And we still have to walk for more than an hour to reach these ancient Hindu sites. So I am gonna keep walking. So we have reached the top of Kbal Spean mountain. We can find some very interesting stone carvings here. Now what does Kbal Spean mean? The word actually comes from Kabala, meaning skull, in Sanskrit. And Spean means bridge in Cambodian. But I will show you Kbal Spean later, let us look at the carvings now. And here we can see something fantastic

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Crystal Select – Green Prehnite

Green Prehnite helps you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth. This lovely stone has an energy that helps you to be prepared.

It enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an eventand the gift of prophecy.

Green PrehniteGreen Prehnite Cluster

By its action of linking your heart with your will, by its vibration within the solar plexus, it assists you to live life from a heart based perspective.

It was known in the past as a stone of magic, and this may have been because it so strongly connects you to the Divine Mind.

This green stone also assists you to make a connection with elemental beings, who love to be of service to you, if you treat them with respect.

Where Does It Come From?

This crystal has been found in Australia, South Africa, China, Scotland and the USA. It forms in both massive and in a crystalline form, although the crystalline form is less common.

One of the more commonly seen colors of Prehnite crystal is the green stone, although it may also be white, brown, gray and colorless.

The lovely green pieces of this stone are often yellowish-green, but it may be anywhere from pale green to medium green and even some less common dark green pieces.

In many shops you will see stones selling as New Jade. Many pieces of New Jade are Prehnite, yet they may be other stones such as pale green Aventurine, so you have to be careful.

This is where utilizing a pendulum can help you, as it can aid you to identify the stone, and you can be sure that you are using the stone you wish to use.

Why Would You Use It?

This is a stone that will do many useful things simultaneously, and it is often quite under-rated. Green Prehnite is both a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra stone.

The solar plexus or power chakra is the seat of the will, and this green stone’s action links your heart with your will, and brings you peace and joy, and will help to relieve worry.

Green Prehnite is one of the best healing crystals for you to utilize to help you to do the things that you want to achieve, from a heart based perspective.

Buy Prehnite from Exquisite Crystals, my most trusted source for buying crystals.

PrehniteGorgeous Natural Prehnite Flower Shape

It will help you to learn to be psychic, and it is very useful used in meditation. It is an excellent stone to enhance psychic gifts, and move you to a higher level.

One of its strongest assets is to put you in touch with beings in spirit, up to the level of the Archangels and other celestial beings.

Regular meditation with this green stone will aid you to develop your intuition and if you already have psychic powers it will help you to be more accurate.

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The Chrysanthemum Stone

The chrysanthemum stone is approximately 270 million years old. It is a dark gray to black limestone matrix with andalusite crystals taking on the appearance of a chrysanthemum and contains more than 10 kinds of trace elements, such as selenium, stronium, gold, silver, & bismuth.

The black rock itself is a piece of limestone. Although limestones generally are lighter in color, this one is quite black because of the presence of substantial amounts of organic carbon. This rock is Permian in age, from a time when many areas that today make up China were offshore or underwater plateaus.

The white pattern on the rock is formed of crystals of celestine (or celestite), a strontium-sulfate mineral. Celestine commonly forms elongate crystals of the form seen here, although these are fairly rare in that they’re so thin and on the surface of another rock.

Strontium is often concentrated in carbonate rocks and probably grew on these larger limestone surfaces as a consequence of flowing water after the rocks were deposited; a small crystal could nucleate at the center of the flower and crystals would then grow outwards from that center point.

Chrysanthemum Stone was formed from geological changes in the Permian age of the Paleozoic era, 248 to 290 million years ago, from high temperatures and the compression of thick layers of organic-rich mud at the bottom of the sea. As strontium sulphate (Celestite) and calcium carbonate (Calcite) oozed into the mix, continued pressure and deposition allowed spectacular radial lath-like crystals to form that remained as flower patterns. 

These “flower” crystals consist of Celestite, Calcite, Feldspar or Andalusite, while the black, or sometimes brown, base rock of Chrysanthemum Stone is comprised of Dolomite, Gypsum clay, Limestone or Porphyry.

The stone may naturally expose the flower, though marketed specimens are often highlighted by selective painting of the black matrix with a dye to accentuate the pattern, or it may be carved away or sandblasted for emphasis.

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Crystal Select – Star Ruby

Rubies are already rarer than diamonds. But star rubies are something incredibly special.

In  1990, Jarvis “Wayne”  Messer, a self-­described “rock hound ”living in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, made an incredible discovery. While combing the native woods for naturally occurring rarities, he unearthed four rough stones that sent shivers through him.

From their outward appearance, he sensed that he had come across something very special.Through   the efforts of a friend who happened to be an amateur stone cutter, the   true impact of Messer ’s find became evident. This mountaindest means, who worked as a trout fishing guide to provideor his family, made the discovery of a lifetime.

Although  Mr. Messer knew in his heart that his discovery was extraordinary, he needed scientific documentation to prove it. Unfortunately, the   cost   for   the   necessary gemological testing was well beyond his means. While contemplating his dilemma, word of the stones spread across the Appalachian   hills.

In short order,   friends and neighbors approached   Wayne. If they  each   “chipped in”   what monies they could  spare, perhaps he  could  pool   enough to  deliver his stones to New York City…to present them to the prestigious Gemological Institute of America.

And so it happened that these four  stones made their way to the GIA which, in detailed reports, confirmed  that what Wayne had discovered were indeed remarkably   large Star Rubies! A ruby is rare. A ruby with a classic  six-­rayed star pattern—known as a “star  ruby” —  is  one  thousand  times  rarer  still. To find  four  matching  star  rubies  is  nothing  short  of  remarkable. To find them in  the United States (when star rubies have been found in the past, they have been found in Southeast Asia), is  virtually unimaginable.

In  the simplest of terms, a “star” is formed when a stone is placed under a light. As noted above, this happens very rarely. When such stars appear, they are most often faint or somewhat fuzzy. The stars in  Wayne’s  four  stones  are  vivid.  Sharp  and  bright,  when  viewing  them  it  almost  seems like an internal light switch  is turned on. The  stars are  stunning.

It is a tradition that large and rare gemstones be given names;; with this in mind, Wayne’s stones became known as the Appalachian Star (139.40  ct.), the Promise Star (64.16  ct.), the Misty Star (52.36  ct.), and the Smokey Mountain Two-­Star (86.54  ct.) which remarkably has stars on both its top and bottom. Together, the Mountain Star Ruby Collection weighs in at a staggering 342.46 ct! By comparison, the  Smithsonian Museum has on display a star ruby described as one of the world’s largest. That ruby weighs  138 ct., about a carat less than the Appalachian Star.

As if the GIA reports were not enough, the stones were then shipped to London where the BGI (British Gemological Institute) confirmed the GIA’s findings. Once in England,   the Natural History Museum of London, considered  by some to be the finest museum of its type in  the  world, asked  to  exhibit  the  largest of the stones—the  Appalachian  Star. And quite an exhibit it was. Approximately 200,000 visitors lined up to view the extraordinary stone over a two-­week period, the largest audience that fabled institution has experienced in its multi-­century existence.

The institution’s leading  gemologist, Dr.Cally Oldershaw, described the stone as “quite  breathtaking. “In the Natural  History Museum of London’s Mineralogy Newsletter, Sept. 20,1992, the Appalachian Star was described  as “a  perfect  six-­rayed natural star ruby…  thought to  be the finest  in the world.” London’s Daily Mail was more  succinct  referring to the stone simply as “the world’s finest ruby.

The value of a ruby is typically determined based on color, cut, clarity and carat weight, but rubies also are evaluated based on their geographic origin. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word “ruber,” which means red. In the Sanskrit language, ruby is called “ratnaraj,” which translates to “king of gemstones.”

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Crystal Select: Angel Quartz

Angel Quartz Jewelry

Angel Quartz Properties

Angel Quartz is a beautiful crystal that can be found in Brazil.

Its color is usually white or clear, with inclusions of red, pink, orange, gold, brown, peach, and yellow.

The color will vary on the particular minerals that have been included in the crystal.

Many of these crystals show white inclusions and look a lot like angel wings. This is why they are also sometimes called Angel Wing Phantom Quartz.

Why Would You Use Angel Quartz?

Angel Quartz possesses a nice vibration that will support you in reaching higher realms when you’re meditating.

They can be used to connect with angelic beings, and to find a deeper sense of inner tranquility and peace.

This crystal will help you connect to your higher self and achieve guidance from the Divine. You will also receive guidance while you sleep, as this crystal can support lucid dreaming.

It comes in different colors. The energy of the stones will vary slightly depending on the color.

Regardless of the color, there’s a wonderful flow of calm energies that you can enjoy from these crystals.

These energies embody the powerful energies to make a connection with the angelic realm.

Using this beautiful crystal will also activate or enhance your clairaudient gifts, which is also known as psychic hearing.

Black Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

This is because Angel Quartz energizes both the throat and third eye chakras.

If you already have psychic hearing before using Angel Quartz, you will still enjoy the extra boost of energy!

This crystal will stimulate your clairaudience quite easily.

This will help you to receive messages from spirit beings more easily.

This will also strengthen your ability to hear your spirit guides!

Because this crystal is associated with angels and other beings from the higher realms, it will promote pleasant feelings and a more lasting sense of happiness in your life.

Angel Quartz has a smooth and peaceful energy that will help you release the negativity so that you can have a more positive outlook in life.

Angel Aura and Angel Quartz make a wonderful meditation tool because it will clear your mind and lighten your heart.

It will resonate strongly with your higher chakras. It will also ground and protect you, as well as fill you with waves of deep calm and peacefulness.

How Will Angel Quartz Help You?

Angel Quartz, Healing and Health

Angel Quartz can act at a cellular level, removing any kind of imbalance and helping the body restore its balance.

This crystal can also be used in eye treatments.

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