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Love Me Love Me Not : Eugene Byrd III

It’s always a pleasure capturing the exhibitions of @byrdeyeviews The transformation of a space brings you into a different world and feel. Looking at art is one thing but being immersed in the atmosphere takes the appreciation to another level. Especially when it resonates with different elements we have experienced our whole life and can relate to growing up.

It was funny watching some people laughing at the pieces because they knew what it meant then watching others have such a serious confused look on their face, lost in the sauce.

A daughter said to her mother… ma we have all those products in our house what does that mean?

Seeing people come back into the space multiple times to just be… felt like they knew this was the one for them, for us.

It feels good to be seen.

I’ll be real, recording people with mask on and not being able to see em smile was awkward. I had to remember what some of yall looked like smiling. Hoping my enthusiasm made it pass ya mask looking for cheeks to rise and eyes to squint with a smile. I’ve been reading eyes and body language for a minute so that part isn’t unfamiliar but still I can’t wait till this phase of life becomes history. Either way I appreciate the vibes and the familiar feeling of people peopling.

Shoutout to @realplantsy for setting up the greenery and elevating the space with life as well as @kayashoots for providing the perfect chair! It all came together just right as it always does!

@byrdeyeviews x @futuredeadartists


Travel Select: NoSARA Costa Rica

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    Thomas BecknerSurf: Playa GuionesIn addition to its abundance of yoga retreats, Nosara’s miles of unspoiled coast are the main draw. Local laws prohibit construction within 550 feet of the shore, resulting in pristine, undeveloped beaches. With one of the most consistent breaks on the planet, Playa Guiones is the area’s most popular beach and a paradise for surfers of all levels. The break is so regular, you can surf here almost every day of the year.
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    Rent: Juan Surfo’sThe first thing to do in Nosara is to get to your hands on a board. Juan Surfo’s is undoubtedly the most fun surf shop—and not just because the store’s owner and namesake is the spitting image of Jeff Spicoli. $75 gets you a board for the week, and you can even swap it out any time for whatever style suits your (hopefully) ever-improving skills. If you’re lucky, Juan—who grew up surfing locally and also offers lessons—might even give you a few pointers.
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    Thomas BecknerDrive: QuadsThe roads around Nosara are mostly unpaved, making for a rather bumpy and dirty commute. While you’ll never escape the clouds of dust, you can beat the bounce by renting a quad (ATV), by far the most comfortable and fastest way to get around. Wear goggles to protect your eyes and bring a scarf to cover your face—and don’t worry about looking uncool: The quad “uniform” is a local way of life and practically a rite of passage.

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    Thomas BecknerStay: The Living HotelThis sweet little hotel—located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach—is about as close to the water as you can get. Not that you’ll want to venture far anyway: With its hammock-filled gardens, cozy rooms, full-service spa, round-the-clock fitness classes, crazy-good cafe, and gorgeous saltwater pool, The Living Hotel lives up to its name—and has plenty to keep you entertained.
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    Thomas BecknerEat: Burgers & BeersDon’t let the name fool you: This is not your average fast food joint. Swing by after surf to try the restaurant’s signature burger, The French (with Béarnaise sauce, bacon, and crushed potato chips) and a pint or two of one of the many Costa Rican craft beers on tap. Just be sure to arrive early—once the sun sets, there’s almost always a line out the door.
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  • Thomas BecknerShop: Love NosaraThis shop, with its graphic sign and open-air concept, is a love letter to Nosara in retail form. The boutique, which opened in November, offers well-priced clothing, accessories, and jewelry, all with a New Age/surfer vibe. Everything is designed by owner Susana Brown and produced locally; best sellers include breezy dresses with thin leather straps and rustic leather and canvas bags. The printed “Pura Vida” t-shirts, hats, and totes make for sweet—and envy-inducing—souvenirs.
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    • Thomas BecknerEat: El ChivoBetween all the surfing, swimming, and yoga, it’s not difficult to work up an appetite. El Chivo is a lively new spot serves up hearty Mexican dishes big enough to share—but you probably won’t want to. Alongside grande veggie burritos and pork belly carnita quesadillas, El Chivo boasts a pretty impressive roster of hard-to-find mezcal and tequila—all the better to fuel the restaurant’s regular live music nights.
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    • Thomas BecknerHydrate: Go JuiceThe food truck trend hasn’t really hit Nosara yet, but thanks to Go Juice, that may be changing. Since opening near the north end of the beach last November, this brightly-colored cart has become the go-to for tropical smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and local coffee drinks. Go Juice’s Tico Poke—a Hawaiian-inspired dish made from just-caught raw ahi tuna, spicy sesame sauce, and sliced avocado—is tasty enough to launch a food craze all its own.

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US House passes historic bill to legalize marijuana

US House passes historic bill to legalize marijuana at federal level, but Senate looms

In a groundbreaking vote, the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed a comprehensive bill that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and end the federal government’s decades-old prohibition on the plant.

Lawmakers in effect voted to legalize marijuana by approving the social justice-focused Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act by a margin of 228-164 after an hour of debate. A handful of Republicans voted for the measure. (How each legislator voted is available here.)

The vote – while largely symbolic because the bill still must pass the Senate – comes only two days after the United Nations took the historic step of reclassifying cannabis as a less dangerous drug.Opponents of the MORE Act criticized Democrats for prioritizing marijuana during the coronavirus crisis and voiced concerns about health risks for youth.

The legislation could potentially open up an already fast-growing, multibillion-dollar industry to billions of dollars of additional business opportunities and interstate commerce over time.

However, the vote Friday will prove to be emblematic unless Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate by winning two run-off races in Georgia on Jan. 5.

And in the very likely event that the MORE Act dies in the Senate in the current legislative session, it would have to start over in the House in January when the new Congress convenes.

Even with a new Congress, the more conservative Senate might be resistant to such a major change in federal marijuana policy.

Rep. Barbara Lee of California announces passage of the MORE Act on Friday.

“I have been waiting for this historic moment for a long time. It is happening (Friday) because it has been demanded by the voters, by facts and by the momentum behind this issue,” U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus and a Democrat from Oregon, said in a statement distributed late Thursday.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced the bill a year ago in what then was seen as a landmark development.

Marijuana Business Daily asked a number of industry experts by email and over the phone about the MORE Act and its impact if it were to be enacted into law.

Here are some of the issues they discussed as well as their responses:

What’s misunderstood about the MORE Act

The measure wouldn’t create a federal licensing or federal regulatory framework. States would, however, continue to regulate marijuana as they see fit, without federal interference.

“The MORE Act decriminalizes and deschedules cannabis,” said Randal Meyer, the executive director of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce.

“It would allow state-legal businesses to operate in a federally legal environment, with business-tax deductibility and access to legal processes, and permit states to set their own cannabis policy, be it total prohibition or not.”

Steve Fox, strategic adviser to the Cannabis Trade Federation, said: “The MORE Act is a wonderful piece of legislation that would end cannabis prohibition at the federal level and take some critical and much needed steps toward restorative justice. It would provide major benefits to cannabis businesses, which would become legal at the federal level.”

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Ancient Lingams Are Rotating Machines?

Facebook…………..… Instagram……………. Twitter…………………. Email id – Praveen Mohan Sangha ……..… This is my Patreon account if you like to support me – Hey guys, are Lingams, rotating machines, capable of harnessing energy? I know this sounds crazy, but watch this first. This is a 16th century lingam in India, so it is like 500 years old and it is very interesting, because the cylinder in the center is stable, while the Yoni or the base can be rotated around it. This is very strange. And initially I saw this and I thought maybe this is just an engineering mistake, but then the same guy sent me another video, and this one is even more strange, watch this. Here, the entire lingam is mounted on a column, and then you can see that the column is stable, but the entire lingam and yoni can be rotated freely. I know the column at the bottom is freshly painted, but this is also a 16th century lingam from the same area, in the state of Karnataka. So we know they were deliberately designed to rotate like this. But the question is: Why? Why were these lingams designed like this? The obvious answer might be that ancient builders of India tried to generate electricity by making rotating mechanisms, just like how we use modern day turbines. All we have to do in this case is to make the central cylinder a magnet and the rotating base into a conducting material, and you can generate electricity, this is a basic scientific principle called electromagnetic induction. Of course, you may think, but this cylinder is made of rock, not a magnet. Watch this video, and let me know what you think. Here is the weird part, this rock called Black Basalt, is quite magnetic. This is the same basalt rock, unpolished, this is the same material used to make stone lingams, and when you put a magnet next to it, it becomes clear that basalt is a very magnetic rock. And I have always noticed something strange, even though the temples may be made of granite, sandstone, or some other type of rocks, the lingams are almost always made of Basalt. And now, we can understand why ancient builders always chose the lingam to be made of basalt, due to its magnetic properties. And some temples even have lingams made of metals to enhance the magnetic properties. It appears that there are complex lingams made completely out of metal, and recent footage reveals that they can even be opened and maintained periodically. People have always assumed that these are meaningless rituals but fly ash is an excellent lubricant and is used even in factories today. All this information is slowly coming out because now everybody has internet and everyone has a camera in their phone. Okay, let us say the metal lingams can be opened , but how can they open stones? I mean after all most lingams are made of solid basalt rocks, how can they be used as boxes with more stuff inside? Take a look at this one. In an ancient temple, a solid stone is worshiped as a sacred object. Nobody knew what was inside until now. However, the priest has recently shown what is actually inside. This is incredible, because what seems like just a large polished rock, has a chamber inside, and inside there is a strange cylinder, almost like an hour glass shaped structure which appears to have steps on it. This inside structure is called ‘Ugra Stambha’ , you can actually hear this term mentioned in the video, and this is a very very strange term because it roughly means a “Frequency Cylinder” in Sanskrit. If you search for the term “Ugra” online, you can quickly find that Ugra not only denotes a tone or frequency, we even know its exact frequency, it is 441.4931Hz. And this is crazy because why would such a name be given to an ancient object? And why would it be placed inside a temple? What could be the purpose of a frequency generator or a frequency device in an ancient temple? Recent footage shows that when these frequency cylinders are used and lingams are rotated, birds start to flock around in large numbers into the temple, and they also fly around making strange patterns which resemble frequencies. Today we are able to visualize frequencies, and birds are also flying around these temples in similar patterns when these ancient devices are used. Hindus have always believed that there is a positive vibration in ancient temples and when combined with rituals and Mantras, temples become sources of some type of resonant frequency also called spiritual energy. Hindus have maintained these rituals in complete secrecy for more than 2000 years, and are done only on certain times of the year.