Yogi Selects – Goddess_Indigenous


What does your name represent and how did it come to you? 

My Instagram name goddess_indigenous, represents my path back to nature and the god-source within or higher self. Since my childhood, I have been on a journey to connect with my Native American, African and Scottish roots and to have a deeper understanding and relationship with the earth and this universe. 

Is yoga be poetic and how can it help inspire your writing to be sensitive to reality and imagination?

Yoga means union. For me it means embracing both the light and the dark, masculine and feminine within each of us. My practice teaches me to embrace it all and to explore. My reality from deep within is also influenced from my perspective and imagination is allowed to shine when I have more ease in my body and spirit. Yoga allows me to tap into my inner space where all things exists and to express what I experience through art/writing without fear.

“Starting my day with yoga means the world to me” How did the world look before you discovered yoga and how has your perspective on life shifted?

Yoga taught me meditation. Since the entire practice is a meditation, I really learned that the more I check in with my body, mind and spirit, the more balance I find in my life. Before yoga, I would try and force balance through control. My perspective now is based in ease and flow, being open to life and to how I am feeling and understanding that all blockages can be released.

What was your first memory in life?
I have a memory of being small child, looking out of a large window at trees.

Have you had any hard to explain experiences during meditation/yoga? Feel free to share

I have had kundalini awakenings where I remember that I am one with the universe and allow that union to take place fully without resistance. The experience is the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had, to feel completely free of fear, clear and at peace. There is also a limitless feeling of love and joy.  During these alignments I remember myself as the creator and abundant energy. I am able to release any perceived worries or concerns. 

If there was another world of human like beings beneath the ocean what do you think some of the principals of their life would be based on what water has to teach?

I think the principles would be based on flow and release, due to floating.  I also think that the sand (earth), sun, moon and wind would play big roles in the weather of the ocean. What I find the most fascinating about water is that it responds to our emotions and sound so I’m sure it would be amazing to hone in to those connections on a larger scale!

How can setting and location effect your practice and what are some of the elements you require before you begin?

I open myself to the energy around me when I practice, I’ve been in very sterile environments that feel a little stiff and it takes me a bit to loosen up but in other indoor environments that feel warm and open the energy allows me to have a deeper practice. Practicing by the ocean really opens my heart chakra and practicing in the mountains helps me to feel fearless and free. As far as equipment goes, its nice to have a mat but even that isn’t always needed, other than that…. stretchy pants!! lol

What are some of the benefits of consciously breathing deep on your own?

Breathing deep keeps our prana(life force energy) flowing freely and energized, it means that our vital organs get more oxygenated blood which leads to better health. Energized prana also means faster spinning chakras which allows us a more powerful union with ease, flow of life and alignment with our higher selves.

In which ways do you incorporate fresh food into your lifestyle and how does it help with self care?

I eat fresh fruit and vegetable daily and from morning to night. I usually eat fruit for breakfast (sometimes as smoothies) and vegetables throughout the day. I often drink young coconut and eat the coconut meat first things in the morning. Eating like this gives me energy and the nutrients my body needs to thrive. Eating live/fresh/raw, due to photosynthesis, also allows for more electricity to enter the body which increases the alkaline state of the body and that’s good for overall health and wellbeing!! 

Is there anything you would like to share with the readers of Infocus247.com

I would love to share practice with you! Come visit me at goddessindigenous.com  or goddess_indigenous on Instagram 
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