Be Metaphysical: Changing Thought Patterns

Be metaphysical : Changing Thought

A meditation experience last night that furthered my steps along this path of thinking. What if words are slowing me down. Last night I began to bring attention to the pattern and sound of my heart beat. A few moments later I “realized” how little I pay attention to my heart. Possibly because of the vulnerability it takes to accept if this small heart stops its over. That feeling is a play of strength and delicateness. Following this line of thoughts I began to listen to the pulsing. A lecture played in the back ground giving my verbal train of thought something to juggle. If each thought process were a lane on a highway I found myself swerving between words, sound and image.

Through making instrumentals and becoming more musically expressive the past week it seems as if I’ve painted lines on the road splitting one lane into two. Where I would receive insight in the form of words now becomes replaced by a stream of percussion, string instruments, buzzing, birds you name it. Essentially words are sounds when you break it down. This lesson lingered on me for a few days and I was beginning to utilize the wisdom. 

While listening to the sound of my heartbeat allowing my thoughts to flow through the “percussion filter” the words trickled back in for a moment to explain the feeling I had even though the feeling was self explanatory in the instant it was felt.  The words that followed after seemed slow, late to the party. That was the feeling, knowing I don’t necessarily need words to gain an understanding. Most of what I’ve learned comes from reading or experience then explaining it through words to others or myself. In this moment I felt how words can limit the speed / pace of comprehension.

I’ll continue walking down the path of re arranging the form of language I’ve communicated to myself with my whole life.