Sativa Select: Purple Haze

Purple Haze marijuana is actually a glorified term that was adapted from the Jimi Hendrix song, which most believe was created about the “brand” of super potent LSD created by Owsley Stanley called “Monterey Purple” named for the Monterey Pop Festival at which Hendrix consumed before going onstage.

Purple Haze, or “Piff,” is a term used to describe a specific vividly purple strain of cannabis. It was however, originally used to describe a purple form of LSD.

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Contrary to highly popular belief regarding cannabis strains, Purple Haze marijuana is simply slang for a number of genetic crossbreeds of a purple strain and original Haze, such as Purple Star x Haze #1, Purple #1 x Haze #1, or Purple Skunk x Haze #1.


GENETICS: 100 % sativa. Hybrid of tropical sativas of the 70’s, with a strong dominance of purple highland colombian sativa.

STRUCTURE: Extreme tropical sativa of pale colors, but when it ripens it acquires beautiful purple tones and reddish edging under its leaves. Very thin and flexible stems that can cope with the worst downpours and blizzards.

BOUQUET: Wood, species, incense and black liquor. Ancient old school sativa aroma.
FLOWERING: 16-20 weeks. December-January.
YIELD: / M2 Medium-Low.
HIGH: Clean euphoric and creative high without tolerance limits.


InFocus247 ExperienceA friend of mine called me over to come check out something new that he had picked up. I didn’t know what to expect. So i took the ten minute walk to his house crossing the riverand enjoying the scenery along the way. I arrived, went in sat down and he threw me a can of powdered Ice – T.  I look at it … look back at him… look back at the can and noticed it was a little more heavier than it probably should of been. That made me want to open it … I began to dig and in the center there was a plastic package. I removed the plastic package and startws unwrapping what felt like endless layers. Then It occured to me why he threw “me” the can.  Just as soon as you think you have reached the last wrapping a new color of saran wrap appears. The odor that came from this package was not the sweet scent of cannabis but of oil and vaseline. Finally making it to the end of the smell protection cautionary wrapping I reach a knot of Purple Haze. This is the first time I had ever seen this strain and straight from California .. the coast with the most.  It reeked a smell that I won’t forget and the dense deep purple nuggets looked good enough to eat. This particular strain and batch was very strong. There was a time I took a hit  sitting on the edge of my bed and my legs went numb, I poked them for hysterical assurance.  The most bizarre/funny with the haze in retrospect was when two of my friends from Athens GA were driving out to pick some of this stuff up. It was about a hour drive so I had a nice spliff rolled 1 gram to be exact prepared to smoke with them when they arrived. They call me to let me know they have arrived I meet them outside, hop in the backseat of their jeep say a few words then spark the spliff under the mutual agreement of wanting to smoke. I took one real good hit and literally passed out. Woke up about 2 minutes later and we were now driving… along the river… Upon my gaining of consciousness I didnt know who these people in the front seat were… what  i was doing in the backseat and where are we going .. all these thoughts rushed to me but all that came out of my mouth was yooo …. we gotta turn around … this weed is too strong.

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